Senor Muerto is a Ghoul and former radio DJ in Fallout: Rangers of the Wastes. He is set to first appear in the second episode of the series. He will be played by Charles Godfrey.


Muerto used to be a radio DJ in Salt Lake City before the Great War. When the nukes started falling, Muerto was brought to a Vault in the desert. Upon entering the Vault, he was encountered by the Enclave, and tortured immensely in an attempt to force him to join the Enclave. After many months, he escaped the Vault and ran into the Wasteland. He was caught in a firefight between wastelanders, and fell into a pit of nuclear waste. When he got out, he found he had become a Ghoul

Appearance and BackgroundEdit

Muero looks like, well, a Ghoul. He wears a nice pre-war business suit, and carries a 9mm pistol. He is normally in a sour mood, and has lost most of his faith in humanity after dealing with all the bigotry towards Ghouls. However, he can be seen in a good mood when visiting a bar, flirting with Ghoul women, or performing a radio broadcast.


  • Muerto was originally a Ghoul in the Brotherhood of Steel named Jason. Over time, Max Kade started to dislike Jason, and had him replaced.
  • For a short period of time, Max Kade planned on broadcasting his own Fallout radio show in the form of a podcast. He asked his friends for a good DJ name for a Ghoul, and the name Senor Muerto stuck with him. Even though the podcast never took off, Max Kade turned Muerto into a character for the series.
  • The part of Muerto has gone back and forth between two actors for over two months. As of July 3rd, he is set to appear in Episode 2 and will be played by Charles Godfrey.
  • Charles Godfrey was once convinced that Senor Muerto meant Mister Shit in Spanish. It in fact means, Mister Death.